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Free and easy splits Outlook storages into smaller parts using PST files
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14 May 2015

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MS Outlook is one of the most popular personal information management tools available today. Primarily, it is used as an e-mail client, but its other features include task management, scheduling, taking notes and journals etc. The information in MS Outlook may be very crucial to its users and it’s a near disaster for many if somehow the database of MS Outlook gets corrupted. The databases of MS Outlook are usually saved in the PST format. As you keep storing more and more data in MS Outlook database, a point may eventually come when these PST file sizes may become so large that MS Outlook may start functioning slowly or abnormally. If the size of this PST file gets too large, it may get corrupt and may lead to loss of data. For this, you have Split PST Files v.10.03.01 which prevents such corruption of the much needed PST files.

Split PST Files is a shareware program which can be used to split a PST file into a number of smaller sized files, thereby preventing the risk of data loss due to PST file becoming oversized. This tool basically creates new, smaller sized files which are independent of the original one. The interface of the program is simple which separates the total functioning into various steps thereby ensuring ease of use. This is an efficient tool to split the PST files and simultaneously preserves the original content and meta-data related to emails. It features various criteria for splitting the PST files. You can split these files based on date, sender’s email ID, size or you can create separate PST files for each folder.

Summing it up, Split PST Files v.10.03.01 is a powerful, efficient and user friendly tool to split a large PST files into smaller ones and maintains the security, integrity and originality of the data. It is a high-end utility that works on a simple mechanism and helps in preventing crucial data loss with maximum accuracy. Hence, it receives a score of four on the scale of five.

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Free and easy splits Outlook storages into smaller parts using PST files. Just specify storage, target folder for PST files, each file's maximum size, and the tool will divide your mailbox or any other storage into several parts. It is also possible to split your storages by year. Old ANSI and new Unicode file formats are supported for PST files created.
If you want you Outlook to perform fast and reliable, watch your mailbox and other storage sizes carefully. Separate your large Outlook storages into several parts of smaller size and you will notice the difference: smaller storages work faster and better. This utility create new PST storages of smaller size, doesn't make any changes to existing ones and retains all your data intact. Thus, if you don't like the result, you can always revert back to you original unmodified storages. In addition to partitioning Outlook storages by size, partitioning by year is also available.
Split PST Files
Split PST Files
Version 3.7
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